July 19, 2012


Due to lack of Chronopia players in my area this blog would be updated slowly. But it would be continued. I'll add some additional manufacturer sites that produce Chronopia minis or good Chronopia proxies. Check out Four a Miniatures for some Wolf Dwarfs and Dwarf Vulture Scavenger.

April 12, 2011

So whats new in Blood Bones?

I've almost done redesigning units for Blood Bones. There would be some new interesting skills. Now I'm moving to Wolf Clan and Swamp Goblins. Soon after this I'll post what I've done.

April 11, 2011

Feel No Pain Skill

Feel No Pain
Model with this skill can ignore penalties for being wounded.

Wounded Models

A wounded model get -1 penalty to it's CC, RC, PW, LD for every wound it takes.

Designer's Note: Most models have only one wound, but there are some big beasts and great warriors with multiple wounds. This makes those models fight worse when they are wounded.

April 10, 2011

Elite Skill

A model with this skill may ignore target priority on models within it's LD range. Every model that is Elite has this skill.

Designer's Note: There may be a LD test required to use this skill, but I think LD range is short enough to make it without test.

Army Limitations

There are 3 types of units.
INDIVIDUALS - every hero, general, oficer.
GRUNTS - most of your troops
ELITES - these are solos and most powerful units, veterans of many battles and best warriors in your army.

There are 3 army limitations.
▶ You can have as many GRUNT units as you wants, but you have to have minimum ONE GUNT unit.
▶ You can have ONE ELITE PER GRUNT unit.

Designer Note: I've decided to add Elites, but I'm not sure of it. This should make the game more balanced. Now powerful units do not have to cost so much, but can be moved to Elite section. I'm also thinking about something like one Elite per two grunts. I'll be testing it for sometime and then I'll announce the results.

There will be also some unique characters. Those would be still individuals, but there would be special limitation. No named character may be duplicate.